Perspective of a sustainable future

based on 40 years of experience


Prospectiva began in 1977 to undertake Engineering Studies and Projects. The business began work in the field of Urban Water Supplies before rapidly expanding into other market segments: Environment, Water resources, Treatment of Drinking Water and Sewerage, Buildings, Transport, Means of Communication, Infrastructure,


In 1988 Prospectiva started to work in the Project Management, Coordination and Supervision of Construction Contracts areas. Subsequently, other areas of activity were added: Coordination of Health and Safety, Environmental Management and Professional Training.


Currently Prospectiva is an engineering consulting company with over 40 years experience, with approximately 100 professionals and a turnover of € 8 million. Is present in several countries, particularly Algeria, Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Equatorial Guinea, Conakry Guinea, Mozambique, Morocco and Sao Tome and Principe.


Contribute to the sustainable development of the countries in which we operate and generate value for our clients and partners.


Be one of the 5 largest Portuguese companies of Engineering Consultancy with a strong international presence, where we have over 50% of our turnover.


1. Confidence of our clients
2. Technical and scientific competence
3. Ethical
4. Team work

Our greatest strength is team work

Our Team

Prospectiva is certain that its greatest strength is team work. The ongoing evaluation and training of our engineers and the experience acquired over time allows the company to offer an overall engineering solution based upon the profound dedication of its personnel, a rigorous approach and the specialisation of a highly qualified team with access to the latest tools for achieving the highest objectives and needs set by the Customer.

  • Superior Qualifications 68% 68%
  • Medium Qualifications 32% 32%

Our Clients

Our main clients are the municipalities, the municipal services, the public bodies, the general and regional directorates, the public companies, the national and international private entities, and others.

  • Public companies 55,29% 55,29%
  • Private companies 35,35% 35,35%
  • Municipalities 9,36% 9,36%


Organization Management System


The Quality of the work carried out and the services supplied to customers is assured by the fulfilment of the methodologies and procedures implemented under the system which has been extensively tested with outstanding

The scope of the certification extends to the Provision of Services in all Fields of (i) Studies, Projects and Project Management, (ii) Coordination, Supervision and the Quality Management of Contracts and (iii) the Coordination of Health and Safety at Work in Portugal.

Quality Control Manager

Buildings and Monuments, Means of Communication and Urban Development; and Water Management.

PME Lider 2015

Prospectiva have a SME Leader Award (Best Small and medium sized enterprises) in 2015

PME Excelência 2010

Prospectiva, have a Excellence SME Award in 2012

NATO Safety Credencials



Here you can view and download Prospectiva’s Presentation and Recent Major Projects in pdf format.


A selection of our major projects in several areas of civil engineering.