Water supply of Rabaçal, Arcossó and Cabouco

Water supply of Rabaçal, Arcossó and Cabouco

Project Execution Subsystem Rabaçal Water Supply, Arcossó and Cabouco, which will be the 2nd phase and will continue the Subsystems adduction “high” been and ensuring their service coverage equivalent to 80% (encompassing all villages with population less than 150 inhabitants residents) and include the project:

adductor systems
Reservoirs inserted in the circuit of adduction
Pumping stations included in the circuit adduction
distribution tanks belonging to the network “low”. Final Design of Pipelines Pipelines, pumping stations and reservoirs included in the adductor circuit serving the clusters outside the above infrastructure and to ensure a 95% service coverage or draft implementing independent supply systems of the pipeline system in “high”.
CUSTOMER: Tras-os-Montes and Alto Douro Water
LOCATION: Chaves, Vila Real, Portugal
YEAR: 2008

Keywords: Hydraulics, Environment, PipeLine, water supply, pumping station.s


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August 18, 2008