Privacy Policy

This policy is set in in accordance with the law regarding personal data protection in order to establish the method in which PROSPECTIVA – PROJECTOS, SERVIÇOS, ESTUDOS, S.A., Commercial Limited Company, VAT 501 773 339, with its Head Office Rua Major Neutel de Abreu, n. º 16 A/B/C, 1500 – 411 Lisboa as the “responsible for the treatment” will do it.

The collection of personal data, in regard to the negotiation and celebration of contracts and in order to comply with the legal obligations for personal contract, document delivery, electronic communication and upon their submission in the website of the responsible for the treatment.

Personal data collected include, broadly speaking, data regarding the identity and the personal and professional contact of the rights holder, always being strictly necessary for the goal of the treatment and for the realization of contract or in accordance with the legal obligations.

Always depending on previous authorization from the data owner, collection of data will also be possible to facilitate communication and information of the Marketing.

The transfer of personal data can happen, totally or partially, if necessary during the realization of contracts or in compliance with the legal obligations, for private or public entities, since they are also obliged to respect the data protection legislation.

The data owners are allowed to access, rectify or suppress them, to limit or oppose their treatment, and to transfer them.

If the data have been collected with the owner authorization, he is entitled to withdraw it at any given time without compromising their treatment until the withdrawal.

Moreover, data owner may present a claim to the National Data Protection Commission.

For the data security, considering the more advanced techniques, cost of application and nature, frame, context and finalities of the treatment, as well as the specific risks for the rights and freedoms of data subjects, all technical and organizational measure will be applied to insure a level of security proportional to the risks involved.

In case of violation of the personal data, the data owner will be notified, as well as the National Commission for the Protection of data, in accordance with the terms and conditions provided by law.

At any given time the data owner will be able to contact the responsible for the data treatment through the email: .

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