Perspective of a sustainable future


Prospectiva began its activity in 1977 to develop engineering studies and projects on urban hydraulics and later in other areas such as the environment, water resources, drinking water and wastewater treatment, buildings, transport, roads, infrastructures, etc.


In 1988 Prospectiva entered the area of Project Management, Business Coordination and Management, and subsequently other areas of activity were introduced: Health and Safety Coordination, Environmental Management and Professional Training.


Prospectiva is currently an engineering consultancy company with over 40 years of experience, around 180 employees and an overall turnover of EUR 8 million. It is present in several countries, namely Angola, Algeria, Brazil, Cape Verde, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea Conakry, Mozambique, Morocco and São Tomé and Príncipe.


To systematically improve our performance, contribute to the sustainable development of the countries where we operate and generate value for our customers and partners.



To be one of the 5 largest Portuguese Engineering Consultancy companies, with a strong international presence, where we have more than 50% of our turnover and comfortable ratios.


1. Trust of our customers
2. Technical and scientific competence
3. Ethics
4. Teamwork

Our greatest strength is teamwork

Our Team

PROSPECTIVA considers that its greatest strength is teamwork. The constant appreciation and training of our technicians and the experience acquired over time, enable us to offer a global engineering solution, based on the deep dedication, rigour and specialisation of our teams.

  • Higher education 68% 68%
  • Average qualifications 32% 32%

Our Clients

Our main Customers are Municipalities, Municipal Services, Public Organisations, General and Regional Directorates, Public Companies, National and International Private Entities and others.

  • Public companies 50% 50%
  • Private companies 41% 41%
  • Municipalities 9% 9%

Our presence

Prospectiva marks its presence in several countries through strategic participations and locally created companies.

  • National Market 25% 25%
  • International Market 75% 75%


Integrated Management System


Quality is a priority for Prospectiva, and a strategic objective in all its activity, being ensured by the compliance with the methodologies and procedures implemented in the system, which has been widely tested with remarkable success.

The scope of this certification covers the Provision of Services in the Global Areas of: (i) Studies, Projects and Project Management, (ii) Projects Coordination, Supervision and Quality Management and (iii) Projects Health and Safety Coordination in Mainland Portugal.

General Manager Quality

Buildings and Monuments, Roads and Urbanisation Works and Hydraulic Works.

SME Leader 2020

Prospectiva, SA was distinguished with the SME Leader 2020 Status, an initiative of IAPMEI.

SME Excellence 2010

Prospectiva, SA has been awarded the SME Excellence 2010 Status, an initiative of IAPMEI.

NATO Accreditation

in the following grades: SECRET, NATO SECRET and EU SECRET.